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Thursday, July 28, 2011



This post is not about my wedding nor the preparation... Its about my work.... Huhhh... sumthing that really bother me for dis few days...

I got an offer as legal exec at dis one company... At the first place i'm so excited to quit my job as a litigation lawyer and joining the company... Seriously...i'm soooo excited.... Since i'm quite fed up with my current job plus the "politics" in the office so i think dis is the right time 4 me to leave the firm... Juzzz da right timee.... hehehe.. 3 months notice starts from 19th July 2011.... yeaayy..

But everything was not going smoothly as i expected.... I's not easy to leave the firm since i'm the one whose responsible for the whole dept... I'm the one who in charge every single file in the firm... So i need to find a replacement to take over all the files.... Finding a suitable lawyer for the firm is not an easy task hokayy.........

After a few days... my boss counter offer me... This will make everything hard on me... everyone has their option and some people do love a few options... But as 4 me i really hate options bcoz i hate to make wrong decisions...huhuhu... T_T

I love the firm... I had great experience here... having a great team... I have freedom here... Even it's hard 4 me to take leave or MC (bcoz nobody can replace me to go to court) but i can have my own time to manage my works... The stress is there and everywhere... But thats not a big problem for me.... But i also excited to expand my knowledge at the new company... This is an opportunity for me to take a new experience... But will i get the freedom as i had here?

I really in dilemma...i can't even think any decision... I might do Solat Istikharah to ask 4 Allah direction... And Ramadahan will be coming soon... May Allah give blessing 4 everything that i might do.... Insyaallah... My dearie??? Juz said "syg pikir la mana yg terbaik utk syg sbb syg je yg tau camna keje2 tue..".. The words doesnt help at all okay... =( I having a freedom to update my blog at anytime I want at the new office?? Or can I ber fb 24/7 hrs like I do here..?? Huhu... Dear readers.. if u r in my shoes...will u leave the firm for a new experience or u wont leave ur comfort zone???


PuRpLe mY.. said...

Ija dearie, the grass on the other side always look greener than us. It depends on u how u want to take it. But always take it positively.

Memang dlm nk buat decision especially utk tinggalkan smtg yang ko dah "pegang" tu berat ija. Sgt berat. Mcm ko ckp la, susah nk tinggalkan "comfort zone" tu. Tapi, ko fikirkan blk kenape at first ko bertekad nk buat decision tu. (meaning kenape at first ko start looking for a job?)
Ape yg ko cari & ape yg Allah dah bagi.
Cth nye, ko nie btol2 dah taknak practise ker? (wah2...aku nk menyerba salahkan ko hehehehe)
Babe, fikir2 kan yer....

Tapi, 1 je aku nk pesan kat ko ija, (as org yg byk melompat company nie hehehehe...) jadik orang yg ade prinsip k. All those bullsh** counter offer whatsoever tu, perkara biase yg mmg ko akan face sepanjang career ko (dlm private sector, klu gomen tak kot). Ko fikir2 kan blk, nape once u've decided to quit then only they counter u double triple? (aku rase bende nie yg buat ko paling serba salah kan?) And trust me, it's gonna be HELL if u take that counter-offer. (ohh tidak! aku meng influence kan ko utk wat decision! :))
People will keep on talking about any of ur performance that does not meet their expectation. walau sekelumit kuman. "Kitaorg dah give as what u demanded, so u must work 24 hours, never say NO" - cth la....(klu "bos" ko baca nie mati aku hehehehe)

Tapi cam aku ckp tadi, jadik org yg berprinsip k. U should know better than me maa...ko kan lawyer babe!

Another thing, mane2 tmpt ko pegi pun ija, kot ceruk mane pun company ko pegi...politikus tetap ade. Percaya la! Just be prepared for it.

Whatever pun decision yg akan ko buat, jadikan decision tu yg terbaik & kalau boleh, decision yg takkan buat ko regret ok.

Good luck my friend!

~Lieza~ said...

Myra...tq 4 ur advice.. aku tau ko phm apa yg aku rasakn.. really appreciate ur advice... Insyaallah aku akan cuba stick to my 1st decision.. lupakan sumer counter offer itew...hehe..