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Monday, September 5, 2016

women's dress.. What's so interesting???

Hai...this entry is specially dedicated to beautiful ladies out there. As you all know....we ladies are always cracking our head just to decide on our outfit... Whether it's for normal function, casual or even for shopping... Well....complicated is always women's middle name...agree??? Hahahaha...

Okay, so you just got asked out by some guy and you are twisting your brain of what to wear for that special date? It does not matter whether this is your first date, your long term boyfriend or a date with your husband, any women will raid their closets trying to find the perfect dress to wear to stun your partner. You will always want to look your best with a combination of sexiness and classy elegance in front of your date. So, let’s check out the types of women’s dress  which will definitely mesmerize your date. 

1.    Evening dress

For the ladies who want to show off a more glamorous appearance, evening dresses are perfect if your date is bring you to go to a classic candle light dinner or a romantic setting. Choose a black or beige evening dress as it will definitely bring out your true beauty effortlessly. For those who are more concern on your weight, black is the perfect colour. You can never go wrong with black. Match it with a nice clutch and a pair of stiletto heels for that sexy appeal. Then you are perfect for a date...hehehe..

2.    Maxi dress

Ladies who want to remain modest while portraying your elegant side, maxi dresses will be the perfect choice. You can opt for plain designs for that simple adorable look or go for printed ones to appear a little trendy. The maxi dress works great for a day or night date and suitable for all occasions. Besides that, it is comfortable and flowy to flaunt off with confidence. Maxi dress also will makes you looks sweet and attractive on your own way. You just need to add on simple accessories to complete your style. If you choose a plain maxi dress, I would suggest you to add on scarves to complete your look.

3.    Midi dress

Midi dresses are great for the ladies who want to show a little skin to their dates. Technically, a "midi" is a term used to refer to any skirt or dress with a hem which halfway between knee and ankle. Therefore a midi might not suitable for a person who are wearing hijab. There are plenty of midi dresses available from various brands so choose something which fits your style. Whether an A line cut or a body hugging design, wear a design you are comfortable in and enhance the midi dress of your choice with some beautiful jewelleries. Midi dresses will enhance your feminine look and it also shows the softness side of your image. Match it with  some metallic sunglasses and pair of heels, you are ready for a date.

Hopefully this might give you some idea on how to dress up for a date.. But please bear in mind that everybody body and shapes are different and there is no specific rules on what is right or wrong. Just be yourself and be confidence and you will definitely looks stunning... hehehe...

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